COVID - 19 Update

COVID - 19 Update

In light of updated advice from the Government, we will not be meeting corporately as Parklands Church and future face-to-face events will also be suspended due to COVID-19. We hope to reopen soon, but will continue to follow Government advice and will update everyone as necessary. Guidance is given daily, but from what we know at this point, here is our way forward:

How will we ‘meet’ as a Church now?

 While we can’t physically meet, fellowship and community remains at the heart of Parklands– and is especially important during such uncertain times. Each Sunday at 10am and at 4pm we will be hosting a digital service with worship, a talk and prayer including kids church and the latest Emanate TV video for youth! Please note the time changes so you don’t miss out!

The web address for the service will be and should be up at least 10 minutes before the official start times. 

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