We are passionate about the Bible, reading it together, and sharing fun and helpful tools to equip people to study this incredible book for themselves!

 Whether you have read the Bible hundreds of times, or not sure where to start, this is the perfect course for you.

 Each week we will be studying a book of the New Testament, which means in 6 months we will have covered each book. 

 At the beginning of each week, there will be two sets of videos uploaded: the first giving an overview of each book, and the second sharing a new tool you can use to study the Bible. There will also be some resource and study sheets you can use. 

 At the end of each week, on a Sunday morning, you can join our zoom discussion group to talk about the book, how you found the study tools, and to talk about any questions you may have. Click on the Introduction week for the Zoom information.


Your perfect introduction to the course. Click above to watch our video that tells you what you can expect from the course, sign up to have the weekly content emailed to you, and for information about our discussion meetings.

Week One: Click for all your resources to study the book of Matthew

Join us for Week Two as we look at the book of Mark!

Click here to join us for Week Three – the gospel of Luke!

Join us for our last gospel – the gospel of John!

Click here to join us for Week Five. The Acts of the apostles!

Week Six: Join us for the book of Romans!

Click here to find the resources for the book of 1 Corinthians! 

Click here to find the resources for 2 Corinthians!

Join us for Week Nine – the book of Galatians!

Click here to join us for Week Ten – the book of Ephesians! 

Week Eleven: Click here to join us for the book of Philippians!

Week Twelve: Come join us for the book of Colossians!

Week Thirteen: Click here to join us for our next book.

Week Fourteen: Join us here for our studies on the second book to the Thessalonians.

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Coming soon!

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