THe honey challenge


Eswatini (Swaziland) is a kingdom between South Africa and Mozambique. It has the one of the highest AIDS rates in the world and the disease has taken an entire generation.  There are around 120,000 orphans and vulnerable children in desperate need of care.

In 2006, a team of social developers and entrepreneurs purchased the abandoned mining town of Bulembu with a vision to restore it to a fully sustainable town, which provides care to over 350 orphaned and vulnerable children. 

One of the main sources of income to Bulembu is their honey enterprise. However, Covid-19 has drastically effected this enterprise and others, meaning Bulembu does not have the funds it needs to care for the children.


 Parklands Church is committed to giving some of our income to support various mission organisations and indviduals across the world.

Through your generous giving, the Church has been able to give funding to buy food for the orphaned and vulnerable children for approximately 6 weeks. But we would love to give more! Here is how you can help:


We love that Bulembu had been able to make money through making and selling honey. And although their honey is only sold in Eswatini, it gave us a fundraising idea!

 The average cost of a jar of UK honey is £3.

So, why not donate the equivalent of a jar of honey to help the children of Bulembu?

(Note: please give the monetary equivalent of a jar of honey, not actual honey. Although very tasty, we won’t be able to use it to help).


To give, please use the link below, using the reference ‘HONEY’.


For more information on Bulembu, or any other of the organisations, ministries and individuals we support, please contact [email protected]