2020 has helped us really become a Church without walls in our families, communities and City. We want this to continue throughout the Christmas season! 

Hope has a name, and his name is Jesus. We want to challenge you to take on #HopeHasAName, to spread hope to those you work with, those you live with and those who live around you. 

Have a look at the ideas below, pick a few, or all of them to complete! This is not just for a few, but for old, young, families, friends to do to share the hope and love of Jesus:


Download the free “In Search of Christmas” trail! This is an interactive resources, using QR code posters to uncover video clues and discover the true meaning of Christmas. Why not create a trail around your area and invite other families to take part! (CLICK HERE)


Get creative with your windows or your front garden! Make your own nativity display! Make a writeable Christmas card for others to add messages. Or why not make an advent calendar with the Christmas story and tell your neighbours to check each day! 


Pick a neighbour or friend who you may not normally buy gifts for and give them something this Christmas. It could be a chocolate bar, a card or more! You can also print out an invitation to our Christmas services to give them!


Over Christmas, why not book in time to have a good, long conversation with someone and encourage them. Challenge yourself to meet and tell someone about the hope of Jesus. Or commit to calling someone who may be alone, or maybe write a letter or a card to people on your street. Let people know they are loved and thought of.


Go for a walk or coffee with someone who may need company. Sing some carols in your back garden for neighbours to hear, or play a concert if you’re musical! If your bubble allows, why not make an extra dinner for someone on Christmas Day, or invite someone to join you!


Give towards our Christmas Hamper project! We want to give generously to as many people as we can who may be struggling to make ends meet, with hampers full of groceries, Christmas goodies and gifts to show love and spread hope to families in our community. Go to www.parklandschurch.org.uk/hampers to give.