Our Values

We have 5 Values which shape our culture; These make the acronym 'STEPS'



about Jesus

Speak to someone about Jesus. He can change lives, so don’t keep this good news to yourself, share it! Be faithful to the great commission and take every opportunity to speak to someone about your story, and show them Jesus.


spent on building relationships

Take time to make friends, build friendships and be like family. Eat together, drink coffee, share belongings. Whatever you do remember time is what develops friendships. Be like Jesus and have time for people you know, don’t know and no one wants to know.


to live spirit-filled lives

Encourage each other to live empowered Jesus centred, Spirit filled lives. Our prayer is to see God’s kingdom come in our lives wherever we may be.


about everything and anything

Jesus prayed on all occasions to his Father! We should be committed like never before to an exciting, life-changing and holy act of worship! Ask and listen to God for his direction in the adventure of following Jesus


selflessly, especially the poor

Serve and bless people selflessly. Whether it be shopping for your neighbour, cutting someone’s lawn, or just buying a box of chocolates, serve with an attitude like Jesus served. Be an encouraging, counter-culture blessing to all people.

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If you would like more detail on what we believe, please view our statement of faith.