Thank you for signing up to Parklands’ Summer BBQ Challenge!

Between the 1st July and 31st August, we are setting the church a challenge to host 100 BBQs in our local communities to share the love of Jesus.

What do I  have to do?
Host a summer party, whether a bbq on the beach, picnic in the park or a meal at your house this summer. It doesn’t have to be a BBQ, but is it really summer without one?

How many people? Who do I invite?
As many or as few as you’d like. As a whole church, we’d love to bless 500 people altogether. Invite neighbours, colleges, friends. Show love to people who currently are not in church.

Does it have to be at my house?
No host it on the beach, in a park, in a pub! The aim is to gather people together.

When do I do it?
Anytime, day or night between 1st July and 31st August.

Do I have to host by myself?
No! You can host with a friend or with family, drop us an email and we can match you with a co-host.

Share with us:
Please send us pictures of your event and any stories from your event, we’d love to know how your event went and to encourage others.
Feeling nervous about hosting a party? Not sure how to work a BBQ?  Please get in touch, we have a team happy to help with your party planning.